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Claro and Kolbi

Get a prepaid sim with a valid passport to register phone connection at airport or any phone store.

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anything that says pura vida, coffee, chocolate, handicrafts. handmade pottery, wooden carvings, and woven textiles

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Prepare for your Costa Rican adventure with these essential items. Equip sturdy hiking shoes, SPF sunscreen, and a mosquito repellent bracelet for outdoor excursions. Keep devices charged with a solar-powered charger and ensure safety with a travel first aid kit. Capture moments with a GoPro and binoculars, secure belongings with a travel lock, and stay connected with portable WiFi. Don’t forget a Spanish phrasebook for cultural immersion. These essentials guarantee a memorable exploration of Costa Rica!

Visa and Passport Requirements: 
Citizens from most countries, including the United States, do
not require a visa to enter Costa Rica. A valid passport with at least six months remaining
before expiration is required.
Safety and Security: 
Costa Rica is a relatively safe country, but like anywhere else, it is
important to exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings. Avoid carrying valuables
around and keep an eye on your belongings, especially in crowded tourist areas.
Language and Culture:
The official language of Costa Rica is Spanish. While many locals speak
English, it is always helpful to know some basic Spanish phrases. The culture of Costa Rica is
heavily influenced by Spanish colonialism, as well as indigenous and African cultures.
Climate and Weather: Costa Rica has a tropical climate, with two distinct seasons: the dry
season (December-April) and the rainy season (May-November). Temperatures remain warm
throughout the year, ranging from the mid-70s to the mid-80s.
Climate and Weather:
Costa Rica offers diverse climates and landscapes, making it a year-round destination. The dry season, from December to April, brings warm temperatures and clear skies, perfect for beach vacations and exploring rainforests. In contrast, the rainy season, from May to November, rejuvenates the landscape with frequent showers, ideal for witnessing waterfalls and adventurous activities like whitewater rafting. Whether you prefer sun-soaked days in Guanacaste or misty hikes in Monteverde, packing accordingly ensures a comfortable and memorable journey.
Local Transportation: 
Transportation options in Costa Rica include buses, taxis, rental cars, and
domestic flights. Public buses are the most affordable option, but they can be crowded and
uncomfortable. Taxis are readily available, but it is important to negotiate the fare before getting
in. Rental cars offer the most flexibility, but they can be expensive and driving in Costa Rica
can be challenging.
Currency Exchange: 
The currency in Costa Rica is the colón (CRC), but US dollars are widely
accepted in tourist areas. It is recommended to exchange currency at banks or official
exchange bureaus, as airport and hotel exchanges can charge higher fees.
Accommodation: Accommodation options in Costa Rica range from budget-friendly hostels to
luxurious resorts. Popular options include eco-lodges and vacation rentals, which offer a more
authentic experience.
Costa Rica provides a variety of accommodation choices, catering to every budget and preference. From charming hostels to luxurious resorts, there’s something for everyone. It’s advisable to book in advance, particularly during high tourist seasons, to secure your desired lodging. Whether you’re exploring bustling cities, pristine national parks, or tranquil rural areas, Costa Rica offers a plethora of accommodation options to suit your needs.
Local Cuisine in Costa Rica:
Costa Rican cuisine is simple and delicious, with an emphasis on fresh
ingredients and traditional dishes such as gallo pinto (rice and beans), ceviche (marinated raw
fish), and casado (a typical lunch dish with rice, beans, salad, and a choice of protein).
Top Attractions and Activities:
Costa Rica is known for its incredible natural beauty and outdoor
adventures. Some top attractions include Manuel Antonio National Park, Arenal Volcano,
Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, and Tortuguero National Park. Outdoor activities include
ziplining, white water rafting, surfing, and hiking.
Health and Medical Services:
Visitors to Costa Rica are advised to have travel insurance that
covers medical expenses. Medical facilities in Costa Rica are generally good, but it is
recommended to bring any necessary prescription medications from home. It is also important
to take necessary precautions against mosquito-borne illnesses, such as dengue fever and
Zika virus.
Unique Destinations:
Beyond the bustling cities of San Jose and Liberia, delve into the unique wonders of Costa Rica. Explore the lush landscapes of Tortuguero National Park, where you can witness nesting sea turtles and vibrant wildlife. Head to the enchanting Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve for a surreal canopy experience, or venture to the pristine beaches of Manuel Antonio for relaxation and marine adventures. Each destination offers a glimpse into Costa Rica’s rich biodiversity and cultural heritage, ensuring an unforgettable journey through this captivating Central American paradise.
Where We Have Visited:
Embark on a journey through Costa Rica’s diverse landscapes and cultural gems. Explore destinations like the enchanting cloud forests of Monteverde, the nesting grounds of sea turtles in Tortuguero, and the sun-kissed beaches of Manuel Antonio. Each region offers a unique perspective on Costa Rica’s natural beauty and cultural heritage.
Historical Significance:
Uncover the historical significance of Costa Rica by visiting ancient Indigenous sites, such as the Guayabo National Monument, and exploring colonial-era architecture in cities like Cartago. Dive into the country’s rich cultural heritage by immersing yourself in traditional practices and visiting museums that showcase Costa Rica’s history and art.
Wildlife and Nature:
Experience Costa Rica’s breathtaking biodiversity through thrilling eco-adventures. Hike through the dense rainforests of Corcovado National Park, go birdwatching in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, or embark on a jungle river safari in Tortuguero. Costa Rica’s national parks offer diverse ecosystems and opportunities for unforgettable wildlife encounters.
Cultural Experiences:
Immerse yourself in Costa Rica’s vibrant culture by attending local festivals, such as the Palmares Festival or the Fiestas Zapote, where you can enjoy traditional music, dance, and cuisine. Explore Indigenous art and traditions, and engage with local communities to gain insight into Costa Rica’s multicultural society and diverse traditions.

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