What to Wear?

Dress casually for the weather and remember you are outdoors and there will be bugs.

How to Get There?

Use the map on your drone to see where you can fly and drive there. .

When Should I ?

When you travel.

Prep List

Embarking on a drone piloting adventure is an exhilarating experience. Picture yourself soaring through the skies, capturing breathtaking aerial footage with the DJI Mavic Air 2 – 4K Drone. Essential gear becomes your trusted companions on this high-flying journey. As you navigate with precision using the Holy Stone HS720 GPS Drone, prioritize safety and control, just like a snowmobiler with their helmet and gloves. Prepare for your flight by checking weather conditions and airspace regulations, and don’t forget to immerse yourself fully in the drone piloting experience. So, power up your drones, launch into the sky, and let the aerial adventure unfold!

Safety and Risk:
Drone piloting entails inherent risks, so safety should be paramount. Always follow safety guidelines and regulations, including registering your drone with the appropriate authorities and flying in designated areas. Prioritize protective gear such as gloves and eye protection to ensure safe operation.

Difficulty Level:
The difficulty of drone piloting varies depending on factors like weather conditions, airspace regulations, and your level of experience. Start with simple maneuvers in open areas before advancing to more complex flights in challenging environments.

Drone piloting costs fluctuate based on factors like the type of drone, accessories, and maintenance. Consider investing in quality equipment like the DJI Mavic Air 2 – 4K Drone or DJI Mini 3 Fly More Combo for reliable performance and features that suit your needs.

A typical drone piloting session can last anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours, depending on battery life and flight objectives. Plan accordingly and bring extra batteries or a portable charger like the Anker PowerCore 26800 to extend your flight time.

Physical Requirements:
Drone piloting requires good hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and the ability to react quickly to changing conditions. Regular practice and training can improve your skills and confidence as a pilot.

Equipment and Gear:
Essential drone piloting gear includes a reliable drone like the Holy Stone HS720 GPS Drone or the DJI Tello Quadcopter Drone, along with spare batteries, a controller, and a smartphone or tablet for navigation. Ensure proper calibration and maintenance of your equipment for safe and efficient flights.

Drone piloting is possible in various locations, but always research and comply with local regulations and restrictions. Look for open spaces with minimal obstacles and interference to maximize safety and flight opportunities.

Reviews and Recommendations:
Explore reviews and recommendations from fellow drone pilots to learn about new techniques, accessories, and flight locations. Join online communities and forums to connect with enthusiasts and gain valuable insights.

Cultural Significance:
Drone piloting has gained popularity worldwide, with events and competitions celebrating innovation and creativity in aerial photography and videography. Embrace the community of drone enthusiasts and contribute to the advancement of this exciting hobby.

My Guide – Omar Linton

Drone piloting is operating a unmanned aerial vehicle using a remote control or computer based flight system to control its navigation, speed, altitude, and orientation. To become a drone pilot you have to determine your intention for operation. If you intend to use your drone for aerial photography and videography you may not need a certification. However if you intend to use your drone for surveying, inspection, delivery, or military operations you may need to undergo training and obtain certification from the appropriate aviation authority. In general typically smaller drones weighing less than 250 grams may be flown without a certification for recreational purposes in designated areas. Flying a drone without proper certification can result in fines, penalties, and eve criminal charges so make sure you check the regulations in your local area to determine what certification, if any, are required for flying.

Omar Linton recalls his first time flying a drone when he was in L.A. His friend had a DJI mini 2 that he flew thinking it was the “coolest experience ever”. His sister Kim ended up getting him a DJI mini SE for Christmas. He went for this option because it seemed like the best value for him as he wasn’t sure if he would enjoy drone piloting long term. Now he owns the SE and the DJI mini 2 because the mini 2 is faster and gives him a longer range better battery life 4K. Comparing the two the SE is great to start out for sure as its a great drone for starting out you won’t really notice the differences if you aren’t trying to fly drones professionally. To Omar the mini 3 is over kill none of the specs really speak out to him to upgrade right now as the mini 2currently meets all of his needs. Off-highway vehicles designed to travel spaces where you learn the process of which different

Some popular drone companies include DJI, PowerVison, and Yuneec which are Chinese companies. Parrot which is a French company,and Airobotics which is a Israeli company are also pretty popular.If you are looking for American based drone companies Autel Robotics, Kespry, PrecisionHawk, and Skydio are the most popular. When picking DJI to purchase his drone from Omar chose DJI without hesitation because it is a reputable brand that has backing from other high companies. Omar saw that DJI is sold on Apple’s website and that was enough to legitimize this company as top tier in their industry. The community DJI has played a large role in his decision as well. When searching for drone tips on forums you can find a lot of information on DJI drones giving him that assurance if he needed any help he would get support. Omar stated “I love the simplicity of DJI”.

Omar thinks its really exciting to fly something to get a better view and understanding of where you are you are able to see things from a new perspective when you are flying a drone. You can go places you cannot physically go as a human begin. To Omar it is just really eye opening and a cool opportunity to get to know the area a little more. When he travels he likes to bring his drone to get a view of where he is. If you have friends that have drones you can have racing competitions to push them to their limit. The concern Omar has when racing his mates is about losing signal. Other concerns Omar has about drone piloting include hitting a bird, or a tree, or a power cable. If you crash your drone with no plan they will replace your drone for a fee. He crashed his SE and bought a replacement. Omar recommends buying the protection plan for your drones as it will give you a peace of mind when flying which he has on his mini 2.

DJI forums are very helpfully and it builds a community. You can share your drone photos or crashes. When your drone crashes it automatically records a few seconds before and after the crash so that you can find your drone easily. When Omar crashed his SE it was completely preventable. His return to home setting was tree level (100 feet) instead of the maximum (394 feet). Personally Omar likes to physically navigate his drone to a safe landing but in this instance his friend clicked the return to home button and it ran directly into a tree. They were flying in a park in Woodbridge, Virginia. He was able to negotiate a discount on the repair price with the repair team at DJI. He also got lucky because he purchased his drone with his credit card and was able to get refunded.

Omar recommend that you are careful with your signal and keep battery life in mind when you are flying and make sure you are using proper desecration. Fly with you drone in site for a better peace of mind and avoid flying over cars. There is a map on the DJI app that allows you to see your drone so if it is for any reason out of sight you can use that to guide it back to you. Get the protection plan with your drone because it isn’t a matter of if you will crash your drone but when. Omar crashed his drone on 2 additional occasions to the poor mentioned. He crashed his drone in France on a balcony of a hotel, in the Shannondoah Mountains in Virginia.

Omar’s experience would be much better if the drone batteries lasted much longer and allowed for 2 hours of flight time. It is pretty annoying to have to land the drone and swap out the battery so frequently as the mini 2 only allows 31 mins of flight time in one session. Besides battery life he would prefer a more compact controller and affordability for additional accessories. Omar bough his drone from B&H photo who had a package deal. It came with a backpack, 128GB memory card, lens cleaner, landing pad, extra battery and other accessories. Be careful don’t try to fly a drone near you it can cut you. Omar loves taking photos of his drone images. He plans to have some images available for purchase soon.


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